LES AgenturOffice - the workflow software used by leading creative Agencies

AgenturOffice 4.0 gives you access to all modern ways of communication.

LES clients prefer working with AgenturOffice as this software system is both easy to learn and comfortable to use. It follows the real work-process flow in agencies instead of imposing the user to employ different job processes.

Product Overview:

Job administration works on the tried and tested principle of client - advertising account - job. The digital job folder contains an overview of general information on an individual job, e.g. client-agency correspondence (letters, e-mails, e-faxes), all client-agency documents (briefings, timing, etc.), as well as all important status displays (job status, budget status, cost status, etc.).

The complete and job-specific logging of all hours and costs, the combination of client-related account services, automatic invoicing and the interface to various bookkeeping programs ensure fast and comprehensive job administration and account handling.

Interpretation and analysis functions render all business transactions transparent and measurable for client and agency alike. This, in turn, leads to an optimization of the controlling process since valid figures serve as a basis for decision making. Finally, agencies have a means of determining which jobs are profitable and which are not. This knowledge is essential for future decision making and overall success.

AgenturOffice is easy to adapt to the individual requirements of an ad agency, i.e. all documents are generated in a particular agency's corporate design. AgenturOffice can be put into service in day-to-day business quickly, easily and without frictional loss.